AIS/Art Inventory Services


As art lovers, we have many valued treasures including paintings, sculpture, pottery, photography, rugs, furniture

and jewelry. To effectively manage and archive our

collections, organized inventories and catalogues are professional and practical. Documentation of these objects

is necessary for insurance purposes in the event of fire,

theft, and breakage as well as for estate planning, sales

and auctions.

AIS Art Inventory Services LLC was developed to help manage and keep collections safely documented. We will photograph and prepare an inventory or catalogue designed for your needs which is available in hard copy and on disk to be stored for safe-keeping.

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Welcome to AIS /Art Inventory Services

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Susan Silberberg-Peirce, Ph.D.

Art Historian, Educator, and Photographer

Trudi Horowitz

Art Gallery Director, Interior Art Design,

Art Sales, and Exhibit Coordinator